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The Law Enforcement Records Management Association, Inc. (LERMA) is a statewide organization which was formed on December 10, 1993. Its purpose is to bring records managers together to increase knowledge and efficiency among agencies. Meetings are scheduled three times a year to assist agencies with common problems records managers are confronted with, and to keep them abreast of ever-changing laws and procedures. In addition, there is an annual conference usually held in the fall. Currently annual dues are $75. LERMA has proven to be an asset to all who have joined. 

Our Mission

The objects and purposes of LERMA are:

  • To keep the records of our individual agencies in accordance with city/township, county ordinance, resolutions, state and federal laws
  • To inform our members of legal changes pertaining to records functions
  • To promote improvements in record keeping policies and procedures within individual agencies
  • To improve the efficiency of our members in the performance of their jobs
  • To encourage close cooperation with all Michigan agencies to share new concepts and most current innovations known in record keeping systems
  • To promote good fellowship and to cultivate a spirit of mutual helpfulness among our members and the people we serve
  • To increase efficiency in each individual agency and thus more firmly establish the confidence of our law enforcement agency, our public safety agency, and the public whom we serve
  • LERMA welcomes everyone